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Australian Open diary: count-down to fatherhood


Interviews with the Bryan twins are usually fun but Sunday’s had a bit of everything as Bob and Mike discussed childbirth, marriage, weird dreams and the odd bit of tennis. The pair survived a real scare as they dropped a love set before beating Britain’s Colin Fleming and Ross Hutchins but much of the fun surrounded the topic of Bob’s impending fatherhood.

His first daughter is due on January 28, the day of the final and Bob said he would not be able to get back in time if his wife gives birth before the due date.

But Bob also revealed that he has chosen a name, Mikeala and has even registered a website in her name, which includes a clock counting down to the big day. “We put it back a couple of days on the due date,” Bob said, pulling out his iPad. “There’s time left to cook.”

Oh, and thanks once more to Bob and Mike for wearing each other’s accreditation badge, just to confuse those who can’t tell them apart (99.99 percent of the population and about the same percentage of the media).

And a spot of tennis news – Bob revealed that he will not be available for the USA’s Davis Cup tie against Switzerland (including Roger Federer) because it is too close to the due date.

Andy Murray has had it pretty easy in his first three matches here so it was interesting to hear that Jez Green, his fitness trainer, had been in the stats room here trying to work out how far the Scot has run in each of his matches.

It’s a stat that was available at the US Open last September but The Tennis Space is not sure whether the television companies here have it or not. Organisers here were helping Green with his quest.

If it escaped your notice that Peter Luczak announced his retirement from the sport a couple of days ago, you probably weren’t the only one. The 32-year-old reached a career-high ranking of No 64 in 2010 but bows out as the world No 280.

However, the very likeable Luczak revealed that the biggest disappointment in his career was that he was unable to play five full years on tour to qualify for the ATP Tour player pension, which is on offer to players from the ages of 50-70.

“Unfortunately I just made four so I won’t be making any money when I’m 50,” Luczak said.

But there may be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel – Tennis Australia says it is to ask the ATP if they will make an exception (at the suggestion of The Tennis Space).

Luczak has eight months to go in his second two-year term on the ATP player council so has been working overtime on behalf of the tour, so perhaps they will take that into consideration. Good luck to him.

At the risk of stereotyping Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, it always looked as if the Frenchman might be a natty mover on the dance floor, when the occasion arises. But when a woman passed by his practice session yesterday playing music, Tsonga downed tools to do the can-can. Very French, but very good.


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    That’s so cute!!  Bob is naming his little girl after his brother.  How adorable.  Also, you didn’t mention that Mike is engaged.